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Excellent Non Yellowing 8H Hardness Nano Protective Lacquer For Concrete Floor

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: WL-0163
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 200kg/drum
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 500t/month
Detail Information
Pencil Hardness: 8H At Most Chemicals Resistance: Great
Coating Stableness: Over 10 Years Coating Thickness: 50μm
Oil And Solvent Repellence: Great
High Light:

8H Hardness Nano Protective Lacquer


Excellent Nano Protective Lacquer


Concrete Floor Nano Protective Lacquer

Product Description

WL-0163 Multi-Functional Nano Protective Lacquer

The main structure of WL-0163 is “Inorganic Siloxane-based alcohol-soluble Resin.” The main chemical bonds of WL-0163 are[-O-Si-O-]bonds which has the strongest chemical bonding comparing with other carbon-containing chemical bonds in organic resins such as[-C-O-]bond, [-C-C-]bond, and[-C-H-]bond, so WL-0163can produce excellent features of chemical resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance(~600〫C), high hardness(2-8H), abrasion resistance, and excellent weathering resistance which can protect the floor to get rid of the damage from the ultraviolet rays.

Because the particle size of the resin itself is only 50um which makes WL-0163has the feature of great penetration to get into the substrate and create “Chemical Cross-linking Bond” to react with the substrate of concrete, stones, ceramic tiles, and woods to form the structure of “Nano-Film” with high adhesion on the surface of the substrate. The “Nano-Film” can make the concrete own the effects of being long-acting waterproof, stain-resistant, damp-proof, mildew-proof, anti-chemical, and non-yellowing.

WL-0163 has excellent self-cleaning and stain-resistant effects. This is because the structure of the coating film is made by nanotechnology, which makes WL-0163have long-lasting “Lotus effect” to extend the service life of concrete, stones, ceramic tiles, and woods. Not to say to reduce the cost of the maintenance.


Applicable Scope

1. The sealer for the concrete treated by the densifier

2. The protective treatment for the architectural concrete, the concrete, and the pebble wash.

3. The protective treatment for the water pressure resistance toward the ditches between the ceramic tiles in the kitchens and the bathrooms.

4. The treating agent for the efflorescence on the walls and the leak preventer for the voids in the concrete.

5. The protective curing agent for natural stones, stone artifacts, and the gems

6. The special brightening agent for the ceramic tiles outdoor

7. The protective curing agent used to maintain the historic monuments and temples.


Construction Methods

● Clean up the substrate before applying the agent of WL-0163 (the moisture content percentage of the substrate must be below 10%)

● There are two agents in this product set, one is the main agent, and the other is the densifier. The dilution ratio of the main agent to the densifier is 100 : 1. You must apply the diluted WL-0163 on the substrate within 48 hours after mixing the two agents together. It will take 1-4 hours for the surface of the substrate to get dry after applying WL-0163on it. After applying WL-0163on the substrate, you must wait at least 24 hours to make it efficient, and never let the substrate applied with WL-0163contacted with a lot of water in 72 hours.

● You can roll, paint, brush, or spray WL-0163on the substrate depending on what kind of substrate you are going to apply WL-0163 on.

● You can use industrial heat guns or jet-burners to heat the substrate applied with WL-0168 to raise up the physical property of the substrate.

● Before applying this product, you can make a trial on the inconspicuous part of the substrate first. Apply WL-0163on the substrate thoroughly if the trial result meets your requirements.


The comparison between WL-0168and normal organic coating agent

Item WL-0163 Organic coatings
Heat Resistance non-yellowing till 600〫C yellowing above 200〫C
Aging and UV Resistance Great Bad
Pencil Hardness 2H-8H, depending on baking temperature 3H at most
Marresistance Great Normal
Oil and Solvent Repellence Great Bad
Stain Resistance Great Bad
Corrosion Resistance Great Good
Coating Stableness Over 10 years Cracked after 3-5 years
Chemicals Resistance Great Limited


Contact Details
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