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The specialized waterborne industrial resin developed by Xiamen Wangqin Chemical Technology has become a strong competitor with DSM and DOW in resin industry, with its lower cost and a better practicability.The products include the modified alkyd resin which is used in metal anti-corrosive paint and able to easily operate and quickly dry, contains the single component and has the salt mist resistance of more than 200 h; double-component wood lacquer PU resin with total matte effect containing no matting powder; hardware baking paint with the hardness of over 4H and high fullness; 100% acrylic environment-friendly solid resin for ink, etc. The oily industrial

Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Besides providing our own registered brand, we also provide service for global clients, including some famous brands in paints and inks, some of them are World Top 500 companies .We respect copyright and keep confidential for all our ODM clients & some OEM clients under agreement.


Xiamen Wang Qin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. produces a variety of water based and solvent based resins, focusing on a variety of individualized applications, the service areas mainly include: 1. Packaging and printing ink: water based solid acrylic resin and liquid acrylic emulsion produced by our corporation can be used in a variety of flexo, gravure and screen printing ink. 2. Automotive coating and refinishing paint: the hydroxyl acrylic resin provided by us has the characteristics of good performance, convenient use and low cost. 3. Various types of waterborne industrial paints: based on the requirements of environmental protection, we produce a variety of coating resins (including acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, polyurethane, unsaturated polyester) with a wide range of applications. 4. Coatings for plastic and consumer electronics: the solvent based acrylic resins produced by us can provide quality assurance for all kinds of plastics and electronic coating products, these products substrates include ABS, PS, PE, PP, PET, PVC and so on. 5. Floor coating: our corporation produces a variety of floor coating resin, can adapt to the needs of various occasions.

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