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Production Line

With the annual production capacity up to 20,000 tons, WangQin has well established full automatic production facilities to guarantee and ensure the daily production input. The workshop is well set up to international controlling standard both from workers’ safety point of view and environment-friendly point of view. 5S has been regularly checked up for daily production control.

The flow process for each station has been well upgraded to world standard with the most hi-tech equipment.

For the moment, the company has fully covered production line equipped with professional heavy containers and reactors, which are used for proper stirring and mixing or different chemical items.

The pictures given here injected a general look of the workshop and facilities outlook for you to roughly understand how we work to your needs.

Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Xiamen WangQin Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
Factory general look Factory general look Reactor Workshop

Service concept for WangQin is to work as a partner for potencial customers corporate is to work closely with the distributors, wholesellers or branded country representative for the required market products, we are also very flexible to work with the same industrial manufacturers and branded for their own name if their production and engineering capacity have been fully loaded. Of course, we are warmly welcome all the potential partners to talk with us in an open way for more business opportunities, we ar willing to talk for more market shares or industrial applications with our strong application engineering and production output. 


Xiamen WangQin Researching & Developing Dept has account for 13% of the company human resources. Such a big investment as a medium-sized company is to ensure the focused products that we have designed and maintained for services will be able to be improved continuously.


Apparently the R&D is focusing in the following top-selling applications covering from packing and printing use, paint for automotive and repairing use, also coating resins for a wide range of domestic and industrial applications.


The corporate is encouraging innovations and has created a flexible working environment for R&D to work on a complete solutions to market needs for both domestic and overseas customers.

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