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Water Based High Hardness Floor Coatings Nano Silane Protective Laquer

    • Water Based High Hardness Floor Coatings Nano Silane Protective Laquer
    • Water Based High Hardness Floor Coatings Nano Silane Protective Laquer
  • Water Based High Hardness Floor Coatings Nano Silane Protective Laquer

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: WL-0107

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 200kg/drum
    Delivery Time: 14 work days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 500t/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Usage Amount: 5-10m²/kg Apprarance: Milky White
    Density(g/cm³): 1.07 Viscosity(mPa*s): 20-40
    Shelf Life: 2years Package: 50kg/200kg



    WL-0107, the long-acting and water-based nano non-film protective agent, is a special curing agent mixed nano silane oligomers dispersing in water-based solution with strong surface-active agent. It can react with the moisture and the carbon dioxide in the air to form an indissoluble nano protective layer in 24 hours. It has the features of good water repellency, strong penetration, good weather resistance, and non-yellowing. The most distinguishing feature is that WL-0107 can penetrate into the concrete/stone to 3~5m/m and can react with the alkaline components in the concrete/stone, which can form the crystalloids inside the substrate to fill and block up the pinholes in the concrete to achieve the deeper waterproof effect. The endurance life of WL-0107 is about 3-5 years and it can also extend the life time of the building.

    Most water repellence agents on the market are the emulsified aqueous solution made of Fluoropolymer or Silicone. These kinds of products have good effect of water diversion but also some disadvantages:

    ● Poor Duration: only adhere to the surface of the wall or the brick, which can’t penetrate into the substrate to do the reaction. The effect of water repellence will decrease gradually after raining and wind blowing, so the effect or water repellence usually can’t last more than 6 months.

    ● Easy to get polluted: Containing organic components inside and easy to be decomposed by ultraviolet rays, and this will create a lot of tiny molecules which will adhere to the wall strongly and form the black spots on the wall which might pollute the wall and not easy to get rid of.


    Applicable scope

    architectural concrete, pebble wash, concrete, and stone with light color for the function of waterproof, stain resistance, and weather resistance. (Don’t apply this product on the substrate with dark color.)



    1. Fill up the cracks on the surface of the substrate first. All the surfaces of the substrate must be clean and dry. Clean up all the dirt, grease, moss, and old coating on the surface and make all the surfaces of the building totally dry so as to make WL-0107 penetrate into the substrate thoroughly.

    2. Roll, paint, or spray a layer of WL-0107 from up to down the substrate.

    3. While applying WL-0107 on the surface of the substrate such as pebble wash or stone, please wipe out the excess agent of WL-0107 so as to prevent the formation of the white crystalline material.

    4. It must be taken over 24 hours to allow the surface of the substrate to be touched by water after the application of WL-0107. (The time can be shorten by the exposure to sunlight to increase the reaction.)

    5. Clean up the wax left on the surface of the substrate by using the cold solvent degreasing agent if the substrate was ever polished or waxed.



    1 kg of WL-0107 can be applied on the surface area of about 5-10 square meters. (5-10m^2/kg)



    1. Non-yellowing, no polluted spots left, all the dirt will be get rid of after raining or washing the wall.

    2. High penetration, great consolidation, long durability.

    3. Good water repellence, prevent water penetration efficiently.

    4. Eco-friendly water-based inorganic molecules which meets the environmental requirements.

    5. It is suggested to repaint the new layer every three years so as to maintain the effect of water repellence and dust proof.

    6. With the south wind’s blowing, the wall can avoid the water condensing.



    1. WL-0107can’t be applied on the surface which holds the water pressure directly.

    2. Never apply the agent of WL-0107 on rainy or cloudy days.

    3. If you have to apply the agent of WL-0107 on the substrate twice, please process the second procedure before the first layer of WL-0107applied on the substrate get totally dry. Never pile the substrates together before WL-0107 applied on the substrates get dry.

    4. The constructers must wear the helmet, safety goggles, and plastic gloves while applying the agent of WL-0107

    5. Due to there are various kinds of stones, we suggest that you can choose a little and unobvious part of the substrate to be tested by the agent of WL-0107 to see if the effect can be satisfied by you. If the trial can achieve your expectation, then you can apply the agent of WL-0107doubtlessly.

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