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Fast Drying Solvent Based Acrylic Resin For Floor Coatings One Component

    • Fast Drying Solvent Based Acrylic Resin For Floor Coatings One Component
    • Fast Drying Solvent Based Acrylic Resin For Floor Coatings One Component
  • Fast Drying Solvent Based Acrylic Resin For Floor Coatings One Component

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
    Certification: ISO9001
    Model Number: SE-2549

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: 200kg/drum
    Delivery Time: 14 work days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 500t/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Appearance: Clear Transparent Fe-Co: ≤1
    Viscosity Pa.s/25℃: 4-8 Non-volatile %: 50±2
    Acid Value MgKOH/g: 12-16 Tg ℃: 50

    Acrylic Floor coating Resin SE-2549

    Solvent based acrylic resin SE2549 is a kind of one component paint resin, in the case of limited wear and contact, as a kind of rapid construction, low cost application, it is widely used in coating formulations for the protection an decoration of cement floors such as home storage rooms, basements, courses, workshop plants.
    This resin can be rapidly cured(less than 1 hour), has the characteristics of UV resistance and non-yellowing, can be made into varnish and color paint, also through the adjustment of the formula, it can be made into bright, matte or semi-matte paint.

    Floor Paint Resin
    Floor paints made by this Resin, adjusted according to the thinner offered by the supplier, it can be directly used on spot, interval for brush coat of each layer is one hour, the paint film will take 48 hours before it is completely dry.
    1. Application
    Indoor basketball court, badminton court, tennis court multi-functional gymnasium; sites of all kinds of factories, offices, etc, without heavy burden and daily special requirement; warehouse, plant, workshop (without heavy pressure and chemical agent) cement floor protection and decorative floor paint resin.
    2. Introduction to the function of finished paint made from this resin

    Main functions1. quick drying, strong adhesion, film not easy to fall off
    2. the film is hard, glossy and tough, with excellent resistance to hard object scratches
    3. good weather resistance, waterproof and alkali resistant cement ground finish paint

    3.The technical characteristics of finished paint made from this resin

    ColorIt can be matched with varnish and colored paint
    GlossLight, matte, semi-matte
    Construction viscosityAdd paint to special diluent, blend it to suitable viscosity for construction(can spray, brush)

    Drying time
    (temperature 25℃, relative humidity 50%)

    Air dryingSurface drying: 20minHard drying: 48h
    Each construction interval is more than one hour
    Coating weight6-8m2/kg/storey, suggested construction 2-3 storey

    4. Physical properties of matrix resin





    Acid value



    Acrylic ester copolymer



    Acetic ether/xylene


    5. Reference formula for the paint process

    Green paintDiluent
    SE2549 resin40.0xylene50
    Leveling agent0.3trimethylbenzene20
    Dispersing agent1.0DBE5
    Calcium carbonate18.0  
    Precipitated barium sulphate20.0  
    Anti- settling agent1.0  
    Green pigment paste10.0  



    6. Inspection technical index for finished paint

    Inspection itemInspection methodReference standardInspection standard

    Inspection result
    (reference value)

    hardnessPencil scratchGB/T6739-96≥HBHB
    adhesionThe case methodGB/T9286-98100%90%
    WettabilityVisual inspection method……………Easy dispersible, storage without seeding, jellyQualified
    FlexibilityPaint film bending testerGB/T1731-19931μm1μm


    Instructions for Solvent Based Acrylic Floor Coating
    Product Introduction
    Floor coating made by single component acrylic resin is a kind of floor coating developed for sites of sports field, shopping mall, workshop, office building, etc. The matrix resin is acrylic,compared with other resins, it has features of low cost, strong construction, fast drying, excellent comprehensive performance.
    Indoor basketball court, badminton court, tennis court, gymnasium, multi-functional gymnasium; All kinds of factories, offices, warehouses, factories and other sites without daily special requirements.
    Product Feature

    ●Superior weather resistance. It will not fade, chalking, harden and soften due to UV, ozone, rain and changes in environment such as high and low temperature and can maintain its bright color for a long time.

    ●Excellent wear resistance. It can guarantee the permanent stability of appearance structure, good wear resistance, can meet the need of long term high frequency use.

    ●Strong anti-fouling surface layer- tough, dense, not easy to be scraped by soles or other hard things, can keep the court clean and new for a long time. Unattended court is also suitable for use.

    ●Good adaptability, can be arbitrarily constructed on a variety of solid ground, color and thickness is optional. Asphalt floor can be laid directly, new and old cement concrete ground can lay this product after surface treatment, it greatly reduces the cost of ground handling.
    Construction Technology

    ●Water repellent treatment: The ground floor needs to be waterproof before painting, make sure the ground is not putty and tidy to get a good clean effect.

    ●Ground treatment: polish, repair, dust removal.

    ●Acrylic finishing coat: add this paint to a special diluent, adjust to the suitable viscosity for construction, stir evenly, spraying or roller coating brush coating for 2-3 times. Each construction interval is more than one hour. After completion, the whole ground is bright and clean, has uniform color.

    ●Construction to be finished: only after 12hours can people standand on it, after 48 hours can have heavy load(25℃ as the criterion, the low temperature opening time needs to be extended appropriately.

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