High Solid Transparent Acrylic Resin Fast Drying Eco Friendly Solvent Based

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: SE6893
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 200kg/drum
Delivery Time: 14 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 500t/month
Detail Information
Appearance: Clear, Transparent Fe-Co Color: ≤1
Viscosity Pa.s/25℃: 2-4 Non-volatile %: 80±2
Acid Value MgKOH/g: 6-10 OH Value: 140
High Light:

solvent based products


clear acrylic resin

Product Description

High Solids Low Viscosity Hydroxyl Acrylic Resin 

SE6893 is a two-component hydroxyl acrylic resin, it has high solid content, low viscosity, high strength, fast drying, good weather resistance and other characteristics, due to the use of low molecular weight resin, the coating viscosity is greatly reduced, and because of the high solid content, thus reducing the content of organic compounds in the coating. It is a new kind of resin which has both performance and environmental protection. Therefore initiatR SE6893 is an environmentally friendly solvent based hydroxyl acrylic resin.
Recommended applications: automobile refinishing paint, plane coating, traffic paint, floor paint.
1. Features
High solid content, high gloss, high fullness,excellent levelling property, low VOC
2. Applications
PU varnish, automotive, motorcycle, household electrical appliances finish varnish
3. Properties

Component Appearance




Acid value

Solvent OH value
Acrylic ester copolymer Clear, transparent ≤1 2-4 80±2 6-10 XYL/BAC 140


4. Compatibility and solubility

SE6631 + SE6771 + XYL + BCS +
SE6672 + SE6673 + TYL + CAC +
SE6570 + SE6650   BAC + CYC +
SE8681 + SE8780 + PMA + NBA +

Remark:+ show soluble in/compatible in
5. Reference formula

PU varnish
(A component)

SE6893 70.0 XYL 35
BBG306 0.3 TOL 20
BBG333 0.2 BAC 25
10%sn 0.8 PMA 20
XYL 10.0    
BAC 13.8    
TOL 5    
(B component) Bayer N3390: Bayer L75=70:30

A component: B component: diluent=100:35:80~100
6. Process conditions
▲ Baking condition: (1) 65℃ x 60min; place 24h for test (2) air drying
▲ Substrate: Sand plate tin
7. Test technical index

Test Item Test Method Reference Standard Test Standard

Test Result
(reference value)

Surface dry Blowing cotton ball method ---------- Not stick cotton ball 37min(27um)
Hard dry Finger press method ---------- Without finger print 24h(27um)
8h Hardness Pencil scratch GB/T6739-96 ------- B
24h Hardness Pencil scratch GB/T6739-96 ------- HB
Gloss 60degree GB/T9754-88 ≥90 98
Hardness Pencil scratch GB/T6739-96 ≥H H-
Impact Impact method GB/T1732-93 ≥ 50cm(25um)
Flexibility Bending method GB/T1731-93 ≤2mm 1mm
Adhesion The case method GB/T9286-98 100% 100%
Fullness Visual method -------------

Excellent fullness,
good brightness

Levelling property Visual method ------------- Level and smooth, no shrinkage Qualified
Aging resistance QUV machine -----------

800h no color change, no falling off,
Gloss loss rate≤2%

Acid resistance Soaking method GB/T9274-88 10%H2SO4 72h no bubbling, no falling off, no color change Qualified
Alkaline resistance Soaking method GB/T9274-88 5%NaOH24h no bubbling, no falling off, no color change Qualified

8. Safe storage and shelf life
1. Stored in cool and ventilation place, keep far away from heat and fire resources, keep the container closed.
2. From production date, shelf life is 12months.
9. Packing specifications
200kg/pail (new metal pail)
10. Safety
This product contains solvent, must do safeguard procedure, handle carefully, avoid contact with the skins and eyes, for other details, please refer to MSDS of this product.


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