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Water Based Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Resin , Waterborne Epoxy Modified Acrylic Resin

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: WL-170A,WL-132
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg/bag
Delivery Time: 14 work days
Supply Ability: 500t/month
Detail Information
Type Of Polymer: Waterborne Epoxy Modified Acrylic Resin Viscosity (25℃,mPa•s): ≤2000
PH: 8.0-10.0 Solids Content: 72±2,32±2
Appearance: Liquid Resin Color: White Or Transparent
High Light:

water based resin


water based epoxy


Water Based Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Resin

Product Description

Water based Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid Resin

To design higher performance surface coatings, coating formulators must choose from myriad polymer chemistries. There are several classes of water based resins and polymer to choose .The polymer classes can include 100% acrylic, styrene, styrene acrylic, butadiene, vinyl acrylic, acrylic-epoxy, acrylic – urethane hybrids, urethane dispersions of polyether,etc.


The polymer holds the coating cohesively (internally) together and adhesively (externally) to the substrate to which it is applied. Proper polymer selection can be the most important factor in determining the physical and chemical properties, as well as protective capabilities, of the coating.hybrid polymer technology gives coating formulators new tools to compound continuously higher performance systems.

An acrylic hybrid coating is prepared by reacting an acrylic polymer with a large portion of another functional polymer to produce a coating that combines the beneficial properties of both the acrylic and the other functional polymer. Often, physical blends or chemical reaction of two different polymer systems will provide an incompatible mixture that exhibits the worst properties of each polymer.

It is crucial in any acrylic hybrid to ensure compatibility among all polymers in the hybrid through physical blending or chemical reaction between the components of the hybrid. Once this has been accomplished, acrylic hybrids can be developed to bring the best qualities of each polymer to a new coating.


Our Hybrid resins Properties:


1,Excellent anticorrosion performance, especially for the preparation of anti-rust base coatings.

2,Fast drying speed.

3,Good hardness and high gloss.

4,Excellent salt fog-spray resistance, early water resistance and weather resistance.

5,Good storage stability.

6,Excellent shear stability, can be grinded with dispersions directly.




1,can be diluted by water, Drier has always been added in the system .It can dry in condition of Normal temperature or low temperature baking .

2,is high shear stable. It can be grinded in the coating production.

3,have high gloss and excellent anticorrosion performance, can be used for the mixed paint, antirust primer, etc., can dry by air or bake by low temperature, Its coating have excellent gloss, and antirust performance

4,is stable at neutral or slight alkaline conditions. It is unstable that it is diluted with acidic or impurity water .PH value has to be carefully observed in coating production , Precipitation may occur if acidic pigments such as carbon black ,pH value of the coating system can be adjusted triethylamine or N,N-dimthylethanolamine .Viscosity of the dispersion will increase as the pH value increases.


It is recommended for metal protection projects which require short and fast construction period.


Our Waterborne Epoxy Modified Acrylic Resin


Product No. Type of polymer Solids content



pH Neutral.agent

OH value on solids


Air dry


with amino resin

Grinding Property Application
WL-170A Waterborne epoxy modified acylic resin 72±2 120-220 TEA

Oxidation Cross-linking

Fast drying, high hardness;

Good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

Air-drying or low temperature baking antirust coating and top coatings
WL-132 Waterborne epoxy modified acylic dispersion 32±2 ≤2000 8.0-10.0 DMEA



Fast drying, high hardness and low odour. Air-drying or low temperature baking coating and top coatings


PS:(1) The Viscosiy withis measured in the case of the resin diluted by equivalent amout of propylene glycol methyl ether.

      (2) The symbol “●” means applicable. meanwhile, The symbol “○” means inapplicable.

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