Regular 1200ML / Plastic Bottle PP Products Inkjet Printer Inks

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Wellmark or OEM
Model Number: WM-PM001/WM-PM002GN/WM-PM003GN/WM-PM004GGN/WM-PM005Y/WM-PM006Y/WM-PM007R/WM-PM008BR/WM-PM009KC/WM-PM010SX/WM-PM010SXB
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 500ML,475ML,750ML,800ML,1000ML,1200ML/Plastic Bottle or accept customization
Delivery Time: 14 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Detail Information
Color: Black/Red –> Lt Yellow/Red/Brown/Blue
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1200ml Inkjet Printer Inks


PP products Inkjet Printer Inks


1200ML Plastic Bottle Inkjet Printer Inks

Product Description



Inkjet Printer Regular Inks
The Inkjet printer Regular inks can be used in general purpose all kinds of inkjet printer, this kind of inks can be used in food packaging,plastics products,PP, PE,OPP and PET,PVC products,nylon packing,Aero/auto part marking,diapers and so on.
We are the right partner to support you in finding the ideal ink for your application. Beyond our wide range of general purpose inks,our manufactures inks can be used for not only Videojet, Willett, Marsh,Wolke ect.those branded printers, but also can be use for other printers as you have. We can offer a portfolio of high performance inks to meet your application needs.

Product Introduction:
Inkjet printer regular inks are the most popular inks for the the inkjet prints,we enjoy superior ink is keto-based, so it Stable performance ,the High compatibility, Non-transfe and used for the regular and general inks.
The Inkjet printer regular it is general purpose. It can be used in food packaging,plastics,PP, PE,OPP and PET,PVC products,nylon packing,Aero/auto part marking,diapers ect.
Product Category

Code Color Characteristics Recommended Applications    
WM-PM001 Black *Fast drying speed PET ,paper,pvc pipe    
WM-PM002GN Black Excellent adhesion Food soft packing,pharmaceuticals and cosmetic packaging    
WM-PM003GN Black

*Excellent adhesion
*High Temperature
*Resistance to adhesive tape

General packing,non–porous and lightly coated materials that support applications in primary packaging, case and tray coding and commercial graphics applications    
WM-PM004GGN Black Anti-oil,anti-alcohol,Through the oil film,Excellent adhesion PVC, wire , cable, and retort applications    
WM-PM005Y Red –> Lt yellow *Non-transfer PVC, wire ,pipe    
WM-PM006Y Red –> Lt yellow

*High compatibility
*stable and competitive
*Excellent adhesion
*Fast drying speed

Pet water botter,paper,pvc,pipe,
food bag,metal alloy

WM-PM007R Brown


WM-PM008BR Black        
WM-PM009KC Black        
WM-PM010SX Black        
WM-PM010SXB Black        

Performance & Features

  • Excellent adhesion
  • stable and competitive
  • Spray print smooth
  • Fast drying speed
  • High compatibility
  • Non-transfer

Guide of usage
Solvent (diluent),cleaning agent should be within below requirement.

Items Requirement Testing method
TTL Pb,Cd,Cr,Hg:mg/Kg ≤10 QB 2930.2-2008
Pb:mg/Kg ≤2
Cd:mg/Kg ≤2
Cr:mg/Kg ≤2
Hg:mg/Kg ≤2
Sb:mg/Kg ≤2 QB 2930.1-2008
Ba:mg/Kg ≤2
As:mg/Kg ≤2
Se:mg/Kg ≤2


Items Index Testing method
Solvent (diluent) cleaning agent
specific gravity 0.9-1.0 GB/T 6750-2007
surface tension:mN/m 45-65 QB/T 2730.1-2005 (5.2)
Solid content:% 23-35 A
electrical conductivity:ms/cm 650-1200 N/A QB/T 2730.1-2005 (5.5)


  • Keeping the substrate clean.
  • After opening, it must be fully stirred evenly to prevent screen blocking, do not print where there is a lot of air.
  • Appropriately prevent electrostatic bane and away from fire, oxidizer, heat source and fire source.
  • The ink’s surface drying needs to keep low temperature and dry environment,best temperature between -4℃-40


  • Due to the different quality and characteristics of various printing materials, and the transparency, smoothness, and solvent resistance of the material will affect the final effect, so it is necessary to test the actual materials first;
  • After taking the ink, cover it and store it in a dry and cool place where away from direct sunlight
  • The screen plate should be cleaned immediately when not printed, the remaining ink can’t be poured into the original ink to avoid hardening.

Packaging & Storage Guidelines

  • * 500ML,475ML,750ML,800ML,1000ML,1200ML
  • * Accept customization

Emergency treatment measures

  • If the eye is splashed, wash with clean water immediately. In serious cases, seek medical advice.
  • Fire first aid measures: use dry powder, foam extinguisher or sand to extinguish fire.
  • Maintain good ventilation to prevent inhalation of steam.
  • Before processing this product, users should be responsible for the ink treatment based on MSDS.


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