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High Solid Content Water Based Alkyd Resin For Anticorrosive Paint

Basic Information
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: WL-330-11
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 25kg/drum
Delivery Time: 14 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 500t/month
Detail Information
Non-Volatile Matters (GB/T 1725: 74±2 Viscosity(mPa.s): <2000 MPa.s(Rotary Viscometer)
PH Value: 7.0-9.0 (pH Meter) Air Dry: Applicable(Oxidation Cross-linking)
Neutral.: Non Neutralization Grinding: Applicable
Drying Speed: Better Corrosion Resistance: Better
High Light:

Acrylic Modified Alkyd Resin


WL-330-11 Water Based Alkyd Resin


Paint Water Based Alkyd Resin

Product Description

WL-330-11 High Solid Content Economical Alkyd Resin For Anticorrosive Paint




Product Introduction

WL-330-11 is a water-soluble acrylic modified alkyd resin. Ammonia is added to the modified alkyd emulsion containing a small amount of co-solvent. The compounding of acrylic dispersion liquid and alkyd emulsion reduces the content of organic volatiles on the surface of the coating, and has good water solubility after neutralization. At the same time, it has the fast drying of acrylic and the good film properties of alkyd resin. The drying time at room temperature is fast, indicating that the contact pressure drying time is short, the yellowing resistance is good, and it has good adhesion, gloss, hardness and weather resistance to the surface of metal and wood.


The coating made of wl-330 can be used by spraying, roller coating, brush coating or impregnation. WL-330 has a wide range of uses. Wl-330-11 has high solid content and low viscosity, and its use cost is low. It is generally recommended for anti-corrosion paint for production equipment and anti-rust paint for steel structure.


Product Composition


Waterborne Alkyd Resin, Butylcellosolve, Ethanol. Ethanol Amine


Physical Property


Type of polymer Acrylic modified alkyd resin
Peoduct No. WL-3300
Non-volatile(%) 74±2
Viscosity( 25℃, mpa*s) ≤200*
PH ----
Neutral.agent Non neutralization
OH value on solids (mgKOH/g) ----
Air dry Applicable(Oxidation Cross-linking)
Cross-Linking with amino resin Inapplicable
Grinding Applicable
Drying speed better
Corrosion resistance better
weatherability better


PS:The Viscosity with*is measured in the case of the resin diluted by equivalent amount of propylene glycol methyl ethe*



  • Good adhesion to various materials and good initial water resistance.
  • High gloss, high cost performance,
  • Good salt spray resistance and excellent pigment carrying performance.
  • Good thermal storage and freeze-thaw stability.
  • This product can be oxidized and cross-linked to form a film, and has a faster surface drying and hard drying speed, which can replace traditional oily alkyd resins.
  • It is stable to high shear speed and can be directly used in grinding.


  • It can be used in the production of water - borne self - drying antirust primer, one - in - one primer and topcoat,it is formulated to provide surface protection in high performance, water-borne coatings, particularly In industrial and metal coatings,
  • It can be used with methyl ethe* amino resin as water-based baking paint
  • Do water-based air drying or low-temperature baking mixed enamel coating.

Packaging and Storage Condition

  • This product is packed in 200 kg iron drums.
  • This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, avoid freezing and exposure, and be transported and stored at 5~37℃.
  • If this product exceeds the effective storage period, it can still be used after all the performance indicators are qualified.

Special Tips


This material is complied according to our existing technology and experience, the technical advice provided is sincere, but it is not guaranteed to be used in all samples and formulations, all the data are for users reference only.


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