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Peelable Coating Protective Film Water Based PU Resin Construction Use

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM Branding
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: Strippble Coating PU3018A
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000kg
Price: USD
Packaging Details: 50KG / Drum
Delivery Time: 14 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 500 tons / Per month
Detail Information
Appearance: Slightly Yellow And Dull Color Shelf Life: 18 Months
Package: Negotiable Storage: Keep Away From Heat And Fire
Application: Window And Floor Protection, Contruction Use Characteristics: Good Performances Of Peelable, Fast And Quick Drying
High Light:

Water Based PU Construction Resin


Water Based polyurethane Resin


Water Based PU Resin Construction Use

Product Description

Water Borne Peelable Resin PU-3018A


Product Introduction

PU-3018A is a protective resin made of water borne polyurethane dispersions, using high performance additives and advanced processing technology. The waterborne peelable coating made of this resin has bright color, and fine particle size, coated on the surface of automobiles, furniture, electrical appliances and other objects as a protective coating, with good protection, can form a continuous, uniform, strong protective coating on the surface of complex shapes, can isolate the erosion medium, protect the surface of the substrate not easy to be worn, abrased, scratched, meanwhile, moisture-proof, rust-proof, corrosion –proof, improve the commodity value of coated products. Upon completion of the protection period, the film can be conveniently removed to restore the original appearance of the object.


Physical Property

Model PU-3018A
Composition Polyurethane organosilicon copolymer
Appearance Milky liquid with blue shade
Solid content 35±2%
PH 7.1-8.0
Ionicity Anion
Viscosity (Brookfield 25℃) 50-160mpa.s


Performance Features

  • High peeling strength, not easy to break
  • High strength, good water resistance
  • Excellent low temperature resistance, weather resistance, air permeability and moisture resistance, and universality of different substrates



  • All kinds of metal surface, for example, temporary protection of products such as automobiles and stainless steel appliances
  • Temporary protection of all kinds of glass products
  • Temporary protection of all kinds of plastic products


  • Can be used as temporary protection for coating, ink coating
  • Can be used as temporary protection for other products


Application Guide

  • Can be directly painted on the surface of the construction surface, or add the right amount of water after dilution
  • Can be added talc, silica and other inorganic split materials
  • Can also add resin-free pigment paste to do color temporary protection coating
  • The peelable film dry completely, when it needs to be removed, please tear out a long mouth along the edge of the film, and then slowly peel the film from the coated surface with a force of about 4-5kg


Packaging and Storage Condition

  • 50KG, 120KG, 200KG plastic drum;
  • Stored in a 100% light –proof sealed container;
  • Stored in a cool and dry place indoor at 5-30℃;
  • Under high temperature or exposure, the shelf life will be significantly shortened;
  • Shelf life is 12 months from the date of production under condition that the drum is not opened.




Special Tips

This material is complied according to our existing technology and experience, the technical advice provided is sincere, but it is not guaranteed to be used in all samples and formulations, all the data are for users reference only.




Those Items are often used for construction work and repairing work, road marks repairing, etc, widely recognized by construction painting protection use and contractors find it very successful in the application.

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