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High Hardness Self-Drying Waterborne Acrylic Resin For Wood Coating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: WeiLi Resin®
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: WL-TC106
Minimum Order Quantity: 5000KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: 50 KGS high impact PE drum ,120 KGS high impact PE drum ,1000 KGS IBC
Delivery Time: 14 work days
Supply Ability: 500t/month
Detail Information
Appearance: Clear To Semi-translucent Dispersion Main Ingredient: Acrylic Copolymer
Non-Volatile (%): 33.0 ± 1.0 % (Electrical Oven; 120°C/2hr) PH Value At 25°C: 9.2 ± 0.5
Viscosity At 25°C: < 50 Cps MFFT: 0°C
High Light:

modified epoxy resin


epoxy emulsion


Self Drying Waterborne Acry

Product Description



Self-crosslinking Waterborne acrylic resin WL-TC106



When high performance, such as excellent chemical and solvent resistance, is needed in a one-component coating, the self-crosslinking acrylics are preferred. WL-TC106 describes a new self-crosslinking waterborne acrylic resin, designed for use in wood coating and metal coating applications. it can be formulated into wood finishes,metal coatings that are one-component, high performance and low VOC,low MFFT, high film gloss, and good anti-adhesion property.



1. WL-TC106 is free of heavy metals, phthalates, formaldehyde, and APEOs. It is a green product and complies with worldwide regulations about health and environment, the VOC content of this product is less than 1.0 wt%.

2. Provide low minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) and good anti-adhesion property. it also provides excellent heat resistance and high film gloss.

3. Good adhesions on glass, woods, ceramics, R/C surfaces, and metals. It can provide a film with good harness when the coating is dried under room temperature.

4. Is manufactured with a proprietary self-crosslinking technology, which offers properties of excellent water whitening resistance, alkali resistance, and early cracking resistance.

5. Has good leveling and low foaming properties, which allows them to be applied by spraying or brushing process onto different substrates.

6. Can be easily thickened by regular thickeners, such as HEUR, HASE, and cellulosic thickeners. It is advisable to start with a lower level of thickener (maybe half or 1/3 the initial level according to your experience), let the formulation stabilize overnight, and then adjust the final viscosity.


II. Main characteristics


1. good anti-adhesion property

2. High temperature resistance

3. High-gloss coatings.

4. Excellent water, alcohol, and ketone resistance

5. Excellent weather durability

6. Low minimum film formation temperature (0°C)


Coating Performance

Test ltems Test Results Test Method  
Chemical Resistance (MEK/Toluene/IPA, Room Temp. 1000 hrs.) No Effect CNS 10757(1995)  
Acid Resistance (30%H2S04, Room Temp. 500 hrs.) No Effect CNS 10757(1995)  

Chemical Resistance (Saturation NACL, Room temp. 1000 hrs.)



No Effect


CNS 10757(1995)

Heat Resistance (200°C 24 hour) No Cracks, No Peeling CNS 10757(1995)  


Non-toxic Test (Eight Heave Metals)


No Detected



Pencil Hardness (Gouge Hardness) 1-2H CNS 10757(1995)  
VOCS No Detected US EPA 5021 A  

*Such test is conducted on a coating with 120 μm thickness (wet) on glass substrate.






1. Appearance — clear to semi-translucent dispersion

2. Main Ingredient — Acrylic copolymer

3. Non-Volatile (%) — 33.0 ± 1.0 % (Electrical Oven; 120°C/2hr)

4. pH Value at 25°C — 9.2 ± 0.5

5. Viscosity at 25°C — < 50 cps

6. MFFT — 0°C



50 KGS high impact PE drum

120 KGS high impact PE drum

1000 KGS IBC



All relevant data have been brought up-to-date in the Material Safety Data Sheet for WL-TC106




Test Condition:

Coating thickness: 2 μm (dry)

Drying temperature: 80°C for 10 mins

Coating product:wl-tc106

Test method: Salt spray resistance test for 240 hours


High Hardness Self-Drying Waterborne Acrylic Resin For Wood Coating 0     High Hardness Self-Drying Waterborne Acrylic Resin For Wood Coating 1



STARTING FORMULATION (please read the note in the last page first):

1. Basic Clear Coat

Item Material wt% Function Supplier
1. WL-TC106 95.33 Resin  
2. DPM : PnB (1:1) a,b 0.95 Coalescing aid Dow
3. BCS a,b 0.95 Coalescing aid  
4. CoatOSil* 1211 a 0.14 Wetting aid Momentive
5. Borchi® Gen DFN a 0.14 Wetting aid OMB Borchers
6. D.I. Water a 2.20    
7. Ammonia water (20%) X adjust pH to 8.7~9.0  
8. R-288 (60%) 0.29 Thickener Elementis
  Total weight 100    
  Spec of formulation      
  S.C.% 36.55    
  VOC (water is not included), g/L 70    
  VOC (including water), g/L 27    
  Viscosity (Day 0) (cps) 151 #1, 20 rpm  
  Viscosity (Day 1) (cps) 260 #2, 20 rpm  
  Viscosity (Day 4) (cps) 290 #2, 20 rpm Ford #4 cup: 24.5 sec
  Viscosity (Day 10) (cps) 290 #2, 20 rpm Ford #4 cup: 24.5 sec

a. Coalescing and wetting aids have to be diluted with water mentioned in item 6. into a mixture. The mixture is then slowly added into the above polymer emulsion while stirring.

b. DPM: Dipropylene Glycol (Mono) Methyl Ether (CAS #: 34590-94-8)

PnB: Propylene glycol n-butylether (CAS #: 5131-66-8)

BCS: Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether (CAS #: 111-76-2)


Coating Performance

Item Test   Result
1. MFFT   < 0°C
  Drying condition (ASTM 2354)   25± 2°C, 55~60%H
3. Drying time(min)* T1 17
  ASTM D5895-03(2008) T3 24
    Dry Through(T4) 60
4. Pencil hardness* 2 days H
    7 days 2H
5. Gloss(60°)* 2 days 92
    7 days 94

*Such test is conducted on a coating with 120 μm thickness (wet) on glass substrate.


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