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Green Flexo Printing Mission

"Save the Earth resources to protect the Earth's environment" is the future development of the packaging industry, one of the main points, Ouke companies to pay more attention to this, but also personally. So that the rapid development of the Chinese economy more blue sky, the water more clear.

In the environmental security gradually from social responsibility to corporate obligations today, no residue of flexographic printing in the field of printing and packaging thriving. From the corrugated boxes, toilet paper, news newspapers and decorative wallpaper and other products using water-based ink and water-based printing, to a variety of flexible packaging plastic film, packaging with aluminum thin, spray aluminum, wet glue or adhesive labels, and packaging Paper, paper bags, cartons, woven bags, non-woven printing, etc., flexo market share in the continuous improvement, and all this, are derived from the use of flexographic printing ink unique (water, alcohol, UV Ink), free of harmful solvents and heavy metals, in line with the requirements of today's world environmental protection, as well as China's international trade needs, such as food, medicine, cosmetics, gifts and other environmental packaging required to promote.