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Damping Paint

According to the mechanism of damping coating, damping coating can be divided into free damping structure and constrained damping structure, in which the free damping structure is a layer of a certain thickness of the viscoelastic damping material attached to the substrate surface, when the substrate bending vibration, damping Layer with the basic layer of vibration, in the damping layer inside and outside the deformation caused by energy dissipation, which play a role in vibration and noise reduction. More representative of the free damping paint such as 3101 multi-functional water-based damping paint. The constrained damping structure then pastes a high modulus elastic layer on the outer surface of the damping layer. When the damping layer is bent and deformed by the damping layer to produce bending vibration together with the basic structure layer, the elastic layer will act as a restraining to produce shear deformation, thereby losing more energy. More representative of the constrained damping coatings such as 3109 constrained damping coatings.

Damping coating damping performance and temperature, frequency has a close relationship. Low temperature is equivalent to high frequency, high temperature is equivalent to low frequency. Damping coating selection due to frequency, temperature and other differences, such as wide temperature field damping paint, low temperature damping coating, High temperature field damping paint and so on.