High Hardness Silicon Resin

High Hardness Silicon Resin

“High Harness Silicon Resin” is kind of self adhesive one component solvent based product, it has high hardness, under baking condition, its hardness can reach 8-9H, under air drying condition, hardness can reach 4-5H, it can be used in formula for glass, metal and floor coating that requires high wear resistance.

High Hardness Silicon Resin WQ-WL0132

Product Technical Index:

Mass concentration




Organic silicon resin,etc.



Propylene glycol monoethyl ether



Butyl acetate


Product properties:

WQ-WL0132 is a high hardness nano silicon paint cured at normal temperature produced from the raw materials imported from Japan.Due to high density 0-Si-O structures in its main chains,this product is coated on the base material by spraying,dip-coating,roller coating,etc,baked or dried at normal temperature and cured to obtain a film with good physical properties,such as high hardness,high transparency,good insulativity,and good chemical properties,such as good high low temperature resistance,rub resistance,oxidation resistance,radiation resistance,corrosion resistance,low temperature not tendering,water repellent,anti-moisture,demoulding and ventilating,non-toxic,chemical resistance,etc.

Basic features:

1. Very high hardness,7H-9H,excellent resistance to solvents,including alcohol,ketone,and esters.

2. High self-crosslinking density,similar to nano structures,super strong water proof and fire proof performance,salt fog resistance,mould proof,anti-microbial,impermeability,ultraviolet resistance,etc.

3. Resistance to 20%concentrated sulphuric acid and concentrated hydrochloric acid,10%caustic soda,and strong polar solvents.

4. Very low surface tension,hydrophobic,high self-cleaning and soiling resistance(water contact angle of resin surface:80°).

5. Good temperature resistance,between-40℃and 250℃,resistance to cigarette end burn,instant high temperature resistance of about 600℃,excellent electrical insulating properties,air drying,one component cross-linked curing,and strong adhesion.


This product is suitable for surface glossy overprint and protection of all kinds of top grade products,especially painting on coating the polar colored coating surfaces,it can be used as an additive in all kinds of paints and coatings,such as baking varnish/UV/thermoplastic hydroxy acrylic air-dry paint,etc,to greatly enhance the properties of the original products,including hardness,temperature resistance,chemical resistance,and soiling resistance.The consumption of 5%or above provides good effect.

This product can be applied by roller coating,brush coating and spraying.For example,it can be used as top coat on the second day after application solvent free epoxy base coating or floating coating in epoxy floor.This product can dry soon after the first coat,and then the second coat is applied.Its surface drying time is about 2 h,30%of it is cured on 3rd day,and fully cured on 7th day.

It has much better heat resistance,chemical resistance,soiling resistance,resin hardness,and weather resistance than epoxy resin,and similar adhesion to epoxy resin,and stronger adhesion to nano material and glass fiber than epoxy resin.


Packing Details:

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