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Marine Anticorrosive Coatings Are Growing Rapidly

Nowadays, the scale of ocean development is expanding, and the cross-sea bridge, which is the infrastructure for marine development, will continue to be built. These marine structures will require a longer anticorrosive life, which will bring huge market for marine anticorrosive coatings. Also, with the development of a large number of submarine oil fields, oil and gas pipelines will also appear. In recent years, China's port infrastructure construction has accelerated significantly, the state is still actively planning and construction of offshore wind power, which are marine anti-corrosion coatings market to bring new opportunities for development. At present, China's marine anti-corrosion coating production enterprises are moving in the development of green, saving resources, high-performance anti-corrosion coating trends. The future will also develop a high temperature corrosion, anti-static, high flexibility, non-toxic and other multi-functional anti-corrosion coatings. According to industry speculation, China's marine anti-corrosion coating market in the ship and container manufacturing industry and the sea bridge, offshore oil platform and the construction of coastal ports and other factors, will be more than 30% annual growth rate.