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Industrial Coating Manufacturers Look Toward The Future

Despite a challenging market. Industrial coatings manufacturers are general optimistic for the future and are seeking growth both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

“The coatings market is expected to remain challenging in 2018, not least in the marine industry, which is expected to contract by more than 20 percent as a result of low demand in the newbuilding market,” said Robert Wong, group director, head of Protective & Industrial, Hempel.  “Despite these challenges, we expect to see underlying organic growth across most segments and geographies, driven by our stronger and more customer-focused commercial organisation. From an earnings perspective, we expect to deliver a solid EBITDA margin in line with 2017 despite further increases in raw material prices and while continuing to invest in our Journey to Excellence strategy.”

Sherwin-Williams will continue to support the industrial business with its dedicated sales and facilities organizations. “Together with Valspar, we now have more opportunities to assist our industrial customers with more innovative solutions and support than ever before,” said Dave Zelch, vice president, Global Marketing, General Industrial Coatings, Sherwin-Williams Company. “We look forward to continuing to support all levels of the industrial value chain from OEM to tier supplier, to job shop, with customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.”

Axalta’s industrial business plans to continue globalizing its new and acquired technologies, while continuing to research the evolving needs of the market and responding to these needs with technologies that promote environmental responsibility, long-term durability, color excellence and product usability.” “In total, we expect to launch more than 100 new industrial products globally for the third consecutive year, so our pipeline of new products is comprehensive and competitive,” said Michael Cash, senior vice president, Industrial Coatings, Axalta Coating Systems. “Axalta is properly equipped in both experience and resources to be an agile and creative asset to customers determined to move the industry forward. Being a proactive, focused partner is what will help us grow and develop in this industry.

“AkzoNobel is always focused on providing the highest quality, most innovative products for the markets we serve,” said Chris Bradford, segment director, Packaging, Coil and Extrusion, AkzoNobel Industrial Coatings. In the Coil and Extrusion markets, we continue to innovate; delivering new appearances and effects that will help our customers differentiate their products in a competitive market. Innovation activity is especially robust in our metal packaging business, where we are focused on ensuring our products meet the needs of the market for safe, high-performing coatings today and in the future. 
PPG completed the divestment of its flat glass and fiber glass business units over the past two years. “Our company is now devoted strictly to the development of new coatings and specialty materials technologies, and to helping customers meet the substrate-protection, appearance and cost optimization challenges they face,” said Tim Knavish, PPG SVP, industrial coaitngs. We are now able to focus all of our R&D investments to achieve these solutions in the most environmentally-friendly manner. One differentiating factor for PPG is the ability to leverage its technical capability across multiple platforms to develop solutions for specific industries, applications and customers. We intend to help customers take even greater advantage of that capability moving forward.”

“We’re also investing in and expanding our global customer support and manufacturing capabilities,” he continued. “The goal is to be closer to our customers, not just geographically, but also in terms of developing new products, troubleshooting production problems, training production staff and helping them to deliver the solutions their customers want. Our mission is to be the world’s best coatings company.  We also understand the only way to fulfill that mission is by being the first company to anticipate and respond to the demands of our customers, and by delivering the best solutions to them.”