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Axalta Coating Systems Presents Plascoat Powder Coatings At Wire 2018

Following the acquisition of Plascoat Systems Limited, Axalta Coating Systems will be presenting a comprehensive portfolio of thermoplastic powder coatings at this year’s Wire, which takes place April 16-20 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The focus for Wire 2018 is Wireguard G50, a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to PVC coatings. It does not require a primer and application can be performed at significantly lower temperature. Wireguard G50 emits no hazardous fumes during application. The coating remains flexible to -40°C. 

Plascoat NG30 has been specifically developed for indoor wirework applications.  In the EU and U.S., NG30 is approved for applications in which the coated material is brought in contact with foodstuff and potable water. 

Plascoat PPA 517 offers adhesion to steel, iron and aluminium without primer; as well as a glossy and smooth surface that does not promote biofilms formation. Thus, PPA 571 is potable water and food approved. The powder coating can be applied by electrostatic spray and dip application. 

The portfolio of thermoplastic coatings will be rounded off by the Abcite 1060 series from Axalta Coating Systems.  This powder coating system fulfils the requirements of the corrosivity categories C5-M and IM3 according to ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340, e.g. for protective coatings of oil, gas and water pipelines as well as offshore applications, with only one layer – no primer is required.



Additionally, Abcite 1060 has been added to the List II of approved coating systems for corrosion protection of products used in sea water (Im2) and soil (Im3) by the German Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW).