One Component Waterborne Epoxy Emulsion

One Component Waterborne Epoxy Emulsion

“One Component Waterborne Epoxy Emulsion” is a kind of one component air drying coating resin, it has the features of good salt fog resistance, good chemical resistance, can be used in formula of protective coating of metal surface of hardware, vehicle chassis, outdoor steel structure, etc.

One Component Waterborne Epoxy Emulsion  WQ-WL110

Technical Index:

Composition:One-component Water based epoxy phosphate resin,cosolvent,water

Appearance:milky yellow liquid

Non-Volatile Matters(%):44±2

Viscosity(m Pa.s):≤300


Diluted by water:infinite dilution


Particle Charge:anionic

Specific gravity: 1.07±0.01


Good adhesion to galvanized and aluminized base materials,etc.;

Water-based, non-flammable, non-explosive, no fire hazards, construction safety.

Pollution-free, construction equipment and tools can be cleaned with water, friendly to construction workers and the environment

With a large number of hydrophilic groups, has a strong adhesion to wet surface

Very fast surface drying speed

Excellent initial water resistance

Excellent resistance to salt spray


As a self-drying one-component water-based paint film-forming material for rust proof anti-corrosive primer coating and and metal protective coatings for steel structure, machinery, parts, plates and so on


The product can be stably stored under alkaline condition,and will settle down under acidic conditions,especially when acidic pigment is added.The shelf life is 6 months,and the expired products can be used after passing the inspections.

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