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What is Water based liquid resin?

Water based emulsion is a new type of resin system in which water replaces organic solvent as dispersing medium. Dissolved with water, form solution, wait for water volatilization, form resin mould material. Waterborne resins are not made of waterborne resins themselves, but of membrane materials that require water to volatilize.


 Definition of Water based resin

Water based acrylic resin includes three categories: water-soluble polymer, high water absorption resin and coating, is developed since the 70 s, new field of polymer science. Since it has a series of unique irreplaceable function, with the continuous development of scientific research and production, the industrialization of the products, has been formed an independent industry, belong to the category of fine chemical industry. Due to water-based resin has a very wide range of uses, with extremely high value added, over the years it has been listed as the key point of the development of the chemical industry.


 Use of Water based emulsion paint

The application of substituting solvent - based products in various fields. As a representative, waterborne polyurethane can be widely used in coatings, adhesives, fabric coating and finishing agents, leather finishing agents, paper surface treatment agents and fiber surface treatment agents.

Water-based paint

(1) building decoration paints include floor paint, elastic paint, building exterior wall paint, furniture wood coatings, water-based wall paint (product homogeneity in severe cases, product model and the performance is similar in many similar enterprises. In the future, this low-tech product will be priced down.

(2) industrial coatings include industrial paint, vehicle paint, anti-corrosion paint, water-borne metal paint, metal surface treatment (polishing);Water-based plastic paint (has been widely used in the field of consumer electronics), such as (high water-based industrial coatings technical difficulties at present, domestic has technical enterprises, more than by the international resin giant monopoly, to consolidate monopoly giant joint development with domestic individual enterprises innovation.)


Classification of Liquid acrylic resin

The classification of water-based resins includes:

1. Cellulose derivatives

2. The modified oil

3. Modified polybutadiene resin

4. Epoxy resin

5. Alkyd resin

6. Amino resin

7. Polyester resin

8. Phenolic resin

9. Acrylic resin

10. Polyurethane resin

11. Organic silicon resin

12. Organic fluorine resin, etc.


Advantages of water-based resin

(1) environmental protection. Waterborne coatings use water instead of organic solvents as thinner, so they do not contain toxic chemicals.(before dispersing medium for organic solvent, organic solvent containing toxic substances, completely vaporize clean need at least several decades, for children and unborn baby has a great impact on the child's mental development is, in which "the free TDI" also has the risk of cancer.)

(2) reduce fire risk: contrary to the flammability of solvent based products, water based products are not inflammable and fireproof, effectively reducing fire occurrence.

(3) the coating of film-forming characteristics: high adhesion to substrate, after curing coating corrosion resistance and excellent chemical resistance, coating closed reduction, high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation performance, etc.

(4) high absorbent resin (water retention agent) series, keeping moisture.

Water Based Resin For Steel Structure Coating