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What is water based alkyd resin?

Along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, reduce V O C (volatile organic compounds) emissions to reduce the harms brought by the greenhouse effect, to gradually toward water based paint , high solid differentiation and UV curing, to reduce the usage of solvent, technology has increased, especially water based alkyd paint coatings recently has gradually applied in industrial production and anti-corrosion engineering.Alkyd resin was named after K I e n l e synthesis in 1927.Alkyd resin monomer is easy to obtain, low price, and a variety of products, is an important coating resin.waterborne interior alkyd paint made from self - dry primer and white - dry finish paint, widely used in general metal protection.

 Technology of waterborne alkyd paint

At present, there are three main synthetic methods of water-borne alkyd resin:

A method of salt

The carboxyl group or amino group in the polymer is neutralized with appropriate alkali or acid, so that the polymer can dissolve in water.The most common ones are polymers containing carboxyl functional groups. The acid value is generally between 40 and 80 m g, K O H/g, and it is combined with amine or ammonia water to form salt to obtain water solubility.

Non-ionic group method was introduced into the polymer

Nonionic groups are mainly hydroxyl and ether, this kind of polymer and non-ionic surfactants have similarities, can be compatible with the existing water soluble resin and most solvent resin, can be used as reactive diluent, replace the water soluble resin system of cosolvent.

The polymer was transformed into amphoteric ion intermediates.

A new water-soluble coating system without amine or formaldehyde was obtained by synthesizing amphoteric ionic copolymer.In this amphoteric ionic copolymer, both amine and carboxylic acids are covalently bonded to the resin.

The advantages of acrylic resin

Alkyd resin with good multi-functional comprehensive performance of reactants of higher cost performance advantages to become a major resin coating industrial, market the highest proportion was once more than 90% can be prepared from the dried paint and baking varnish civilian paint and industrial paint and varnish and color paint.Waterborne alkyd resin with water as a solvent or dispersion medium, its production and construction safety, reduces the danger of explosion and fire, construction equipment can be wash with water, coating can save 400 kg per ton of organic solvents, VOC content is greatly reduced;At the same time, the self-drying, drying and room temperature drying system of single component can be synthesized by adjusting the formula.In a word, waterborne alkyd resin paint is one of the important development directions.

Water Based Alkyd Resin