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What is Acrylic Emulsion For Varnish Ink?

Water based epoxy resin includes acrylic resin emulsion, acrylic resin water dispersion (also called water dilutable acrylic acid) and acrylic resin water solution.

Compared with conventional solvent-based coating, Acrylic resin coating with low price, the use of safe, save resources and energy, reduce environmental pollution and pollution etc, and thus has become the main direction of the current development of coating industry.Waterborne acrylic resin coatings are the fastest developing and most pollution-free coatings in waterborne coatings.


Water based acrylic paint includes acrylic resin emulsion, acrylic resin water dispersion (also called water dilutable acrylic acid) and acrylic resin water solution.Emulsion mainly by oily alkene monomer emulsion in water in the water under the free radical initiator causes synthetic, and some resin is gradually by free radical solution polymerization or solution polymerization and a different synthetic process.Particle size: emulsion particle size > resin moisture dispersion particle size > aqueous solution particle size.In terms of application, the former two are the most important.


Epoxy acrylate resin is mainly used as the base material of emulsioni paint, which has an important application in the construction coating market.In recent years, the development and application of acrylic resin water dispersions have attracted more and more attention.According to the monomer composition is usually divided into pure acrylic emulsion, styrene-acrylic emulsion, acrylic emulsion, silicon a crylic-acid emulsion vinegar, vinegar (tertiary carbonate - vinyl acetate) emulsion, uncle c (tertiary carbonate - acrylate) emulsion, etc.


 Acrylic resin paint can be divided into water dispersing type and water solubility type.Water-soluble acrylic coatings with active crosslinking functional groups copolymerization colophony, more is a thermosetting coating, when paint with or without crosslinking resin, making the active functional group in the film when the crosslinking structure and size of paint film.Development of waterborne acrylate coatings can guarantee all kinds of special performance of acrylate coating conditions, will be most of the organic volatile solvent instead of water, so as to achieve the purpose of reduce atmospheric pollution.


  water-soluble acrylic resin are anionic copolymerization resin monomer in choose the right amount of unsaturated carboxylic acid, such as acrylic, methyl acrylic acid, maleic anhydride, methylene succinic acid, such as the side chain containing carboxyl, again with organic amine and ammonia neutralization of salt and water soluble.In addition, the water solubility of resin can be increased by selecting suitable monomers to introduce hydrophilic groups such as -oh hydroxyl group, -conh2 amino group or -o-ether bond.Neutral salt into acrylic resin soluble in water, but its water solubility is not strong, often formed opacified liquid or high viscosity solution, so must be added in the water soluble resin a percentage of the water to increase the water solubility of resin.

Acrylic Emulsion For Varnish Ink