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What are resin with great metal effectf or printing ink?


Is the carrier of printing ink pigment ink resin, is the core of the ink material, its quality is good or bad, will directly affect the performance of ink, because the connection is to a large extent determines the ink viscosity, viscosity, dry, liquidity, etc.


Fastness of printer ink

Ink and adhesive force between the substrates including chemical bond force (i.e. the interatomic forces), intermolecular forces (hydrogen bonding force and van der vander-waalsforces), electrostatic attraction and mechanical interface reaction.The main source of these forces is the effect of the ink resinous binder on the substrate.According to different base material, choose the right resin connection material has become the key, in general, for a nonpolar base material such as PE, PP, even for corona surface treatment, the surface tension can only be reached around 38 dyne, for nonpolar resin structure should be adopted such as chlorinated polypropylene resin connection;Polyurethane resins can be used for PET, PA and other surface polar materials.Pu ink connection material system by adding a small amount of special adhesion promoter for PP, PE, or with a small amount of chlorinated polypropylene resin and polyurethane resin spell can often solve problems in nonpolar substrate adhesion, have been able to do a resin connection material generality problem, at the same time solve the chlorinated polypropylene resin as connection is prone to excess toluene solvent residue problem, in advocate green environmental protection in the 21st century, this breakthrough is particularly important.

It can be seen that resin binder, as a dispersing wetting medium in ink, also provides the most basic and important adhesion fastness between ink and substrate, which is one of the most basic indicators of ink.


Tinting strength of Ink resin

Organic pigments for ink color is the most basic material, but the printing ink adhesion in base material surface which show the color of the consumers, often color and paint itself more or less deviation.The reason is that in ink, pigment particles do not exist alone, but are dispersed in the connective medium.At the micro level, the best wetting and dispersing state of a pigment granule is that it is completely covered by the resin binder and adhered to the surface of the substrate.The color is shown by the light rays coming into the coated pigment surface through the resin connecting the material film layer to the consumer's eyes through reflection.The transparency of resin is good or bad, and the size of color number directly affects the color expression of different color materials.At the same time, whether the resin is sufficient or not to moisten and disperse pigments will directly affect the uniformity of the resin coating pigments, and will also affect the color phase of the ink itself.


The viscous resistance of types of inks used in gravure printing

Anti - viscosity is an important physical index of printing ink.Gravure printing is a kind of printing method with high ink supply, good gradation and reproducibility and fast printing speed.The ink is transferred to the substrate after the printing plate, through the drying way, after the rapid evaporation of the organic solvents after drying.As is known to all, after high temperature bake, winding, printing membrane surface temperature between 40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, due to the existence of the winding stress at the same time, if the ink itself is the viscous resistance is bad, will lead to serious rewinder adhesion quality accidents, to ink customers cause irreparable economic loss.

Ink anti - viscosity good and poor, in addition to the printing process of the solvent gradient volatilization after the thoroughness, but also directly related to the use of resin bond materials film and resin molecular properties.The resin adhesive with good film forming property can endow the ink with good dry and refreshing quality. After the solvent volatilizes and the ink dries thoroughly, the film is completely formed, and the anti-viscosity is excellent after winding.

resin with great metal effectf or printing ink