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How to know PU Top Coating Resin?

epoxy top coat is a kind of common coatings, which can be divided into two-component polyurethane coatings and single-component polyurethane coatings.Two-component polyurethane coating is general by isocyanate prepolymer (also called low molecular polymer) carbamate and consists of two parts: the hydroxyl resin, usually referred to as the curing agent component and main component.A wide variety of this kind of coating, the application range is very wide, depending on the compounds containing hydroxyl groups can be divided into acrylic polyurethane, alkyd, polyurethane, polyester polyurethane, polyether polyurethane, epoxy polyurethane and other varieties.Generally, it has good mechanical performance, high solid content and good performance in all aspects.It is a kind of coating that has a bright future at present.


Classification of clear resin floor coating

Two-component polyurethane paint

Two-component polyurethane coating with low film-forming temperature, good adhesion, abrasion resistance, hardness and chemical resistance, good weatherability and superior performance, as a wide range of industrial protective paint, wood furniture and car.Waterborne two-component polyurethane coatings combine the high performance of two-component solvent based polyurethane coatings with the low VOC content of waterborne coatings.

Single component waterborne polyurethane coating

Single component waterborne polyurethane coating is a kind of coating with waterborne polyurethane resin as base material and water as dispersing medium.Through crosslinking modification of waterborne polyurethane coating has good storage stability, film mechanical properties, water resistance, solvent resistance and aging resistance, and close to the performance of the conventional solvent-based polyurethane coating, is an important development direction of waterborne polyurethane coatings.

Photocurable waterborne polyurethane coating

Photocurable waterborne polyurethane coating USES high intensity radiation of electron beam and ultraviolet radiation to induce cross-linking curing of low activity prepolymer system, mainly in the form of ultraviolet curing.With unsaturated polyester polyols preparation of prepolymer, then introduce particle gene in the conventional way, after water treatment with a double bond in the main chain of polyurethane was some, again with soluble highly reactive alkoxy acrylate monomer, photosensitizer uv-curable waterborne polyurethane coatings additives such as mixed.

Room temperature curing waterborne polyurethane coating

For some heat sensitive materials and large parts, it is not allowed to cross - link by heating.By combining with water dispersible polyisocyanate, the properties of hydroxyl polyurethane/acrylate mixtures, especially hydroxyl acrylate mixtures, can be improved.


 Characteristics of clear coat epoxy resin  

The excellent abrasion resistance of squid

Chemical and oil resistance

Possessive adhesion

The low temperature curing performance

High decorative property

It is of diversity and adjustable property.Through the improvement of the formula, the polyurethane coating film can be made into high hardness coating film, also can be made into extremely flexible elastic coating film, greatly strengthening the application range of polyurethane coating.

Cold and high temperature resistance.

It has no toxicity after curing.

Environmental friendly low voc coatings


 Purposes of  resin coatings  

Octopus aircraft exterior wall coating.

Wood paint.

Some form of transportation.

Garry shield for corrosion protection.

Running machine tool and instrument painting.

Nitrogen oxide plastic paint.

PU Top Coating Resin