Acrylic Resin For Floor Coating

“Acrylic Resin for Floor Coating” is a kind of solvent based thermoplastic acrylic resin, used in top coat of floor coating, is preferable material for floor coating of sports field, court, workshop, etc. This product has advantages of convenient to use, good adhesion, good chemical resistance, etc.
  • Concrete Floor Paint Resin

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    Concrete Floor Paint Resin

    Floor coating made by this Concrete Floor Paint Resin, adjusted according to the thinner offered by the supplier, it can be directly used on spot, interval for brush coat of each layer is one hour, the paint film will take 48 hours before it is completely dry.Read More

  • Flooring Coating Resin

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    Flooring Coating Resin

    This Flooring Coating Resin is solvent based one component resin, floor coating made by this resin has better waterproof, weather resistance, therefore, it has strong adaptability, can be applied to asphalt ground or cement concrete surface.Read More

  • Resin Floor Types

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    Resin Floor Types

    The ground which Resin Floor types Coating constructed on is generally concrete ground, after leveling treatment and waterproof treatment, can brush the floor coating directly.Read More

  • Resin Manufacturer + Floor Paints

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    Resin Manufacturer + Floor Paints

    Floor Paints made from this acrylic resin the coating layer is 6-8m2/kg each layer, it is suggested to construct 2-3 layer.Read More

  • Resin Suppliers + Floor Coatings

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    Resin Suppliers + Floor Coatings

    Floor Coatings made from thermoplastic acrylic floor resin can be made to have gloss, matte, semi matte film effect as needed.Read More

  • Resin For Court Floor Paint

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    Resin For Court Floor Paint

    Floor coating made by this Resin For Court Floor Paint has hard film, good gloss and flexibility, good wear and scratch resistance.Read More

  • Acrylic Resin Floor Coating

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    Acrylic Resin Floor Coating

    Acrylic Resin Floor coating includes floor coating of indoor basket ball court, badminton court, tennis court, and also office and warehouse.Read More

  • Resin For Floor Paint

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    Resin For Floor Paint

    Resin For Floor Paint belongs to thermoplastic self drying acrylic resin, as it is fast drying, low cost and price, therefore it is used in large quantity in formula for floor engineering coatings which don’t have high requirement.Read More

  • Acrylic Resin For Floor Paint

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    Acrylic Resin For Floor Paint

    “Acrylic Resin For Floor Coating” is a kind of air-drying acrylic resin, as it has low cost, good adhesion, excellent chemical resistance, can be used in floor surface of sports field, court, office, warehouse , etc which has general requirements.Read More

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