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water based varnish

  • Water Based Acrylic Resin For Ink

    Contact NowWater Based Acrylic Resin For InkCharacter: solid acrylic resin, liquid acrylic resin, ink resin, used for aqueous ink, water based varnishRead More

  • Water Based Acrylic Resin

    Contact NowWater Based Acrylic Resin“Water Based Acrylic Resin” is a kind of one component acrylic emulsion, can be applied to production of metal anti rust, anti corrosive coating, has the features of convenient to use, low cost, and strong practicality, etc.Read More

  • Two Component Water Based Epoxy Resin

    Contact NowTwo Component Water Based Epoxy Resin“Two Component Water Based Epoxy Resin” is a kind of water based industrial coating resin with excellent comprehensive performances, can be applied to all kinds of anti rust, anti corrosive coatings which have high requirement, has the features of long time salt fog resistance, good chemical resistance, etc.Read More

  • Water Based Acrylic Baking Coating Resin

    Contact NowWater Based Acrylic Baking Coating Resin“Water Based Acrylic Baking Coating Resin” is a kind of one component water based acrylic resin, under heating conditions, it has features of good hardness, good adhesion, etc, can be used in coating formula for glass and metal surface.Read More

  • Water Based Resin For Steel Structure Coating

    Contact NowWater Based Resin For Steel Structure Coating“Water Based Resin for Steel Structure Coating” is a kind of fast drying one component epoxy resin, has the features of fast drying, no odor, good adhesion, good chemical resistance, is preferable material for anti rust, anti corrosive coatings for all kinds of outdoor steel structure and metal equipment.Read More

  • Water Based Saturated Polyester Dispersion

    Contact NowWater Based Saturated Polyester Dispersion“Water Based Saturated Polyester Dispersion” is a kind of high solid content, high gloss, high hardness resin, can be used in formula for surface coating of hardware, glass, wood, etc.Read More

  • Water Based Alkyd Resin

    Contact NowWater Based Alkyd ResinWater based Alkyd resin is a water-soluble alkyd resin made from polyol, multivariate acid and vegetable oil (or fatty acids) by a polycondensation. In order to make the alkyd resin soluble in water, it is necessary to control its acid value and molecular weight. Most water-soluble alkyd resin...Read More