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cheap low viscosity

  • Low Temperature Baking Coating Resin

    Contact NowLow Temperature Baking Coating Resin“Low Temperature Baking Coating Resin” is a kind of thermosetting acrylic resin, through low temperature baking with amino resin, it has features of good adhesion, strong flexibility, excellent gloss, etc, can be used in formula for hardware and plastic coatings. On condition that not adding acid catalyst, Low Temperature Baking Coating Resin can be crosslinked at low temperature(90-110℃) baking, it is suggested to use in hardware baking paint.Read More

  • Acrylic Resin Baking Paint Low Temperature

    Contact NowAcrylic Resin Baking Paint Low TemperatureAcrylic Resin Baking Paint Low Temperature is solvent based thermosetting resin, through used cooperatively with amino, it is allowed to crosslink under low temperature baking, paint film has good adhesion, strong flexibility, good gloss and stability.Read More